Where, When & How God Wants You – Even When You Don’t Know It

Last week, we were introduced to Ruth and Naomi.  When you think of Ruth, what are some words that immediately come to mind?  Kind. Compassionate. Sacrificing. Loving. Committed. Devoted. Let’s do a quick recap of Ruth Chapter 1. Naomi had left Bethlehem with her husband and two sons and had moved to Moab, a paganContinue reading “Where, When & How God Wants You – Even When You Don’t Know It”

God’s Purposes: The Domino Effect

I was recently at a birthday party for my aunt who was celebrating her 80th birthday.  At the party, my cousin made the remark that it was sad that her children and my children didn’t know each other.  In fact, we talked about how the connection between our family would most likely not remain intactContinue reading “God’s Purposes: The Domino Effect”

God Knows What You Sweep Under the Rug

We’ve been discussing the temptations we face and the temptations that Jesus faced.  We have talked about how we give the devil and his minions too much credit because sometimes we are responsible for our own temptations.  But certainly, the devil does his fair of tempting us.  Between our own selfishness and the devil’s intentContinue reading “God Knows What You Sweep Under the Rug”

For Which Team Are You Scoring the Most Points?

English theologian, John Owen, who lived in the 1600s had this to say about temptation.  “Occasions and opportunities for temptation are innumerable. No wonder I do not know how deeply involved I have been with sin.” I’m hoping that as we have been discussing temptation, we have all become more and more aware of theContinue reading “For Which Team Are You Scoring the Most Points?”

God is On Time But Not On Demand

In our study this week, an example of testing God is given.  Let me share that with you and see if you find it as funny as I did.  From Bible Studies for Life by Juan Sanchez and Dr. Jeff Dabbs:                “I was in elementary school when central air conditioning units were finally installedContinue reading “God is On Time But Not On Demand”

When Temptation Comes – Who You Gonna Call?

In 1984 a movie was released that became a classic.  Ghostbusters! Its theme song also became a classic and is easily identifiable across several generations. (In fact, you’re probably singing it to yourself right now, aren’t you?) 🙂 Ghostbusters – Who You Gonna Call? By Ray Parker, Jr. If there’s something strangeIn your neighborhoodWho youContinue reading “When Temptation Comes – Who You Gonna Call?”

Playing the Blame Game

A man found a wallet full of money in the parking lot at his church one Sunday after service. The ID was in there, so he knew the owner.  When asked by his wife if he had returned it, he replied, “ I’m still trying to decide if it’s a temptation from the devil orContinue reading “Playing the Blame Game”

Are You Stuck in a Saturday Mood?

When we think of Easter, what comes to mind? Crucifixion Cross Resurrection Easter Bunny Easter eggs Hunting for Easter eggs New outfits Spring The idea of Easter conjures up a variety of themes as well as ways to celebrate it. Thursday Growing up in the Methodist Church, we began observing the Easter season on ThursdayContinue reading “Are You Stuck in a Saturday Mood?”

Resisting the Desensitization of the Cross – It’s Not Just for Easter

A man I didn’t know but was acquainted with recently passed away after a brief illness.  I was told of his death and informed, sadly, that he was an atheist.  He didn’t believe in God.  He didn’t believe in any higher authority.  My response was, “Well, he’s a believer now.”  Imagine living your life, rebukingContinue reading “Resisting the Desensitization of the Cross – It’s Not Just for Easter”

Caught Red-Handed and Presumed Guilty

There is an insatiable desire for most people when it comes to crime stories.  From the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby to Watergate, the Manson murders, the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, the death of JonBenet Ramsey, the O.J. Simpson trial, the case against Heidi Fleiss, the conviction of Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault and rape,Continue reading “Caught Red-Handed and Presumed Guilty”