Have You Seen Enough to Believe?

John 6 John 6 is the longest chapter in the book of John.  And it’s no wonder it’s so long because there are several major occurrences that are discussed in this one chapter alone.  Verses 1-14 cover the story of the feeding of 5,000.  Verses 16-21 tell the story of Jesus walking on water. TheContinue reading “Have You Seen Enough to Believe?”

From Honoring Saints to Trick or Treating

Hosea 10 – Week Three It’s nearly November!  There is a holiday that began a couple of days ago and runs through the second day of November.  It’s called The Day of the Dead.  It’s considered a Mexican celebration and “is a time when families gather to honor and remember deceased loved ones. It isContinue reading “From Honoring Saints to Trick or Treating”