Resisting the Desensitization of the Cross – It’s Not Just for Easter

A man I didn’t know but was acquainted with recently passed away after a brief illness.  I was told of his death and informed, sadly, that he was an atheist.  He didn’t believe in God.  He didn’t believe in any higher authority.  My response was, “Well, he’s a believer now.”  Imagine living your life, rebukingContinue reading “Resisting the Desensitization of the Cross – It’s Not Just for Easter”

“Doing” What’s Right But With Wrong Intentions

Hosea – Week Two Last week, we left with heartbroken Hosea who had to purchase his wife Gomer off the auction block.  Hosea, as we discussed, was chosen by God to actually live out the painful example of a one-sided relationship. We don’t hear any more about Gomer. Her written story ends in chapter 3Continue reading ““Doing” What’s Right But With Wrong Intentions”