Are You Stuck in a Saturday Mood?

When we think of Easter, what comes to mind? Crucifixion Cross Resurrection Easter Bunny Easter eggs Hunting for Easter eggs New outfits Spring The idea of Easter conjures up a variety of themes as well as ways to celebrate it. Thursday Growing up in the Methodist Church, we began observing the Easter season on ThursdayContinue reading “Are You Stuck in a Saturday Mood?”

Resisting the Desensitization of the Cross – It’s Not Just for Easter

A man I didn’t know but was acquainted with recently passed away after a brief illness.  I was told of his death and informed, sadly, that he was an atheist.  He didn’t believe in God.  He didn’t believe in any higher authority.  My response was, “Well, he’s a believer now.”  Imagine living your life, rebukingContinue reading “Resisting the Desensitization of the Cross – It’s Not Just for Easter”

Caught Red-Handed and Presumed Guilty

There is an insatiable desire for most people when it comes to crime stories.  From the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby to Watergate, the Manson murders, the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa, the death of JonBenet Ramsey, the O.J. Simpson trial, the case against Heidi Fleiss, the conviction of Harvey Weinstein for sexual assault and rape,Continue reading “Caught Red-Handed and Presumed Guilty”

You’re So Lame. I Bet You Think This Blog is About You

Jesus Restored My Life John 5:1 TLB “5 Afterwards Jesus returned to Jerusalem for one of the Jewish religious holidays. 2 Inside the city, near the Sheep Gate, was Bethesda Pool, with five covered platforms or porches surrounding it. 3 Crowds of sick folks—lame, blind, or with paralyzed limbs—lay on the platforms (waiting for a certain movement of the water, 4 forContinue reading “You’re So Lame. I Bet You Think This Blog is About You”

What Can I Get You to Drink?

John 4:7-14 NIV “When a Samaritan woman came to draw water, Jesus said to her, “Will you give me a drink?” 8 (His disciples had gone into the town to buy food.) 9 The Samaritan woman said to him, “You are a Jew and I am a Samaritan woman. How can you ask me for a drink?” (For Jews do notContinue reading “What Can I Get You to Drink?”