God’s Purposes: The Domino Effect

I was recently at a birthday party for my aunt who was celebrating her 80th birthday.  At the party, my cousin made the remark that it was sad that her children and my children didn’t know each other.  In fact, we talked about how the connection between our family would most likely not remain intactContinue reading “God’s Purposes: The Domino Effect”

When Temptation Comes – Who You Gonna Call?

In 1984 a movie was released that became a classic.  Ghostbusters! Its theme song also became a classic and is easily identifiable across several generations. (In fact, you’re probably singing it to yourself right now, aren’t you?) 🙂 Ghostbusters – Who You Gonna Call? By Ray Parker, Jr. If there’s something strangeIn your neighborhoodWho youContinue reading “When Temptation Comes – Who You Gonna Call?”

Great Expectations. Greater Disappointment.

John 11 “There was a man named Lazarus who was sick. He lived in the town of Bethany, where Mary and her sister Martha lived. 2 Mary is the woman who later put perfume on the Lord and wiped his feet with her hair. Mary’s brother was Lazarus, the man who was now sick. 3 So Mary and MarthaContinue reading “Great Expectations. Greater Disappointment.”

From One Cracked Pot to Another

John 9 In the early 1980s a book was published that became and remained a New York Times bestseller for many months.[i]  It was written by a conservative Jewish rabbi and was titled, “Why Bad Things Happen to Good People”.  I bought the book back when it was first released and delved right in toContinue reading “From One Cracked Pot to Another”

Naughty or Nice? Does it Even Matter?

Podcast available at: https://anchor.fm/diane-simcox/episodes/Naughty-or-Nice–Does-it-Even-Matter-e1bl8b5 Romans 11 – Week Fourteen  – SPOILER ALERT! – NOT FOR YOUNG CHILDREN- I was in a craft store earlier this week and they had bins full of these round discs that you can put on ornaments or other items and create a “Santacam”.  The idea is that having one orContinue reading “Naughty or Nice? Does it Even Matter?”

Has Anybody Seen the Lemon Squeezer? It’s Not in the Drawer

Podcast available at: https://anchor.fm/diane-simcox/episodes/Has-Anybody-Seen-the-Lemon-Squeezer–Its-Not-in-the-Drawer-e1avtfe Romans 9:1-29 – Week Twelve Last week, we discussed several things.  One was trusting God in His silence and the other focus was experiencing an easy life vs. a purposeful life.  If a person desires to have an easy life, then they most likely do not have a relationship with God. Continue reading “Has Anybody Seen the Lemon Squeezer? It’s Not in the Drawer”

Helloooooo? Are You There? Podcast available at: https://anchor.fm/diane-simcox/episodes/Helloooooooo—Are-You-There-e1am20i Romans 8 part 3 Last week, we covered the last half of Romans 8 as a whole.  Our Scripture included the familiar Romans 8:28 – “All things work together for good for those who love God and who are called according to His purpose.”  We discussed theContinue reading